It looks like the Zune desktop software was been updated yesterday, there don’t seem to be any new features (When was the last time there was a new feature?) , it looks more like a maintenance release to fix an issue with Windows Phone 7 backups

So nothing new to see which is a shame, I really like the Zune desktop software but it would benefit from continual development  and how about a touch friendly UI?



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  1. “When you try to update Windows Phone 7, the Zune software may stop responding during the backup process.”

    Hopefully this fix means that the long awaited WP7 updates will start appearing soon! 🙂

  2. I doubt the present Zune desktop software will change much due to the complete rebuild and new look due out sometime this year but like the WP7 updates ….. when is anyones guess

  3. I assume MSFT are getting everything ready for the first WP7 o/s update which is due out shortly (and will have copy/paste) – and would be focusing on making sure everything (like backup) is working on the Zune client first (as you’ll need to use it to rollback the update). The WP7 dev tools were also updated a few days ago to allow developers to emulate the new stuff.

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