Plex Media Server Released for Windows

Plex for the Mac is Media Center type application (originally based on XMBC), I have it installed on my Macbook and have only had a quick play with it but so far it looks nice. The good news for Windows users is Plex Media Server is now availaible for Windows. The application is free and there is strong community around Plex with iOS and Android client available so its worth checking out.

Download from Plex

Without further ado, I’d like to invite you to download the Plex Media Server for Windows, and take it for a spin. I also want to thank the group who helped us do initial testing, including hkeylm, brent112, bambuhiphop, dtwilly57, JaymzMac, Stoodo, and especially Pete O. You all rock, and we really appreciate your help.

We’ve set up some forums where you can report bugs (after all, which first release of software doesn’t have a few of those?) and I would recommend you start by reading this post, which details how to tweak your Windows system to ensure we can best diagnose issues.


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