While the Zune name may be on the way out Microsoft are still releasing apps for the Zune HD. There is Shuffle By Album which is a an app that will randomly sort your albums and then play them in the song order, so you get each album played in order but the albums are randomized.

The other new app is Zune Reader which says “Read all of your favorite books on the go with Zune Reader”,  I can’t work what format the app supports, but you can enter a URL of a book store or ebook. I will give it a try and will see what it can do but I would rather see a Kindle app but there is no sign of that coming for the Zune

There is also a new game called Penalty! flick soccer, you can find the apps in the Zune Marketplace (US only or at least a US Windows Live ID).Its nice to have the new apps but I can’t really understand why Microsoft are still releasing app for the device when it looks like they have abandoned the platform.




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  1. It’s a shame that the WP7 apps aren’t compatible with the Zune HD – the Kindle app works great on my HD7.

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