Last week Brian Binnerup released a new version of My Movies for the Android platform. Previously there was the cut down My Movies for Android Light which had limited functionality whereas the new version is identical to the paid version but with limit of 50 titles. So you should be at least work out whether the app is for you before paying for the full version.

You can find the application on Android Market.


– Add titles by barcode, title search, manually or scan barcodes with the camera on your device.
– Preview titles with complete details before adding to your collection, or quickscan a title to view details without adding it.
– Add titles to different groups (Owned, Wished, Rented, …), and move titles between groups.
– Report missing titles to our staff to have the titles created in our service.
– Report incorrect data to our moderation team if you find an error in our database.
– View movie trailers for titles in your collection, or scan and quickly view a movie trailer for titles when in the movie store.
– Management loans to friends and family.
– Search your collection.
– Sort titles by title, collection number, rating, running time, production year, release date, parental level or added date both ascending and descending.
– Filter titles by type, genre, group, watched status, parental rating, production year, running time, personal categories or online status. (Watched status, Categories and Online status requires My Movies software suite for Windows).
– Browse your titles through high quality coverflow browsing.
– View movie details, including synopsis, cast list, audio tracks, subtitles and much, much more.
– View full screen or zoom-able high resolution front and back covers.
– View actors and directors with photos, biography and list of titles the person stars in.
– Create an online collection website to share with friends and family.
– Update movie profiles from our service to always have the latest, most complete and accurate data.
– Upload your collection directly from My Movies Windows software suite as an alternative to synchronize through our online servers.
– See weekly releases of titles on Blu-ray and DVD including all details and trailers. (Release lists are not complete in all countries. Maximum 10 titles in lists on free version).
– Link to IMDB let’s you see even more details of your titles.
– Shake to open a random title.
– Keep collection synchronized between different devices.

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