Microsoft have released some more info on what the problem was with the 1st update for its Windows Phone 7 platform.

It turns out that there are 3 main issues with the update which affected approximately 10 percent of users.

Two of which are fairly straight forward and affected nearly half of all devices which struggled with the update, these were down to either a poor internet connection or lack of disk space on the computer being used to perform the update.  The update process takes a backup of the entire phone contents just in case anything goes wrong so enough disk space to cover that is needed along with a stable internet connection.

The remainder of affected users appear to be the Samsung owners which Microsoft says it is working on.

Either way dispite the fact the first update has not gone as smoothly as Microsoft would have liked lets cut them a bit of slack, 10 percent is not too bad for a first attempt on the platform considering most failures where kind of out of their control.

I am sure there is more to follow on this so stay tuned.

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