It just a couple of weeks ago that we were talking about how HP’s reach and deep pockets could really help propel WebOS products into the mainstream. Well, HP is already flexing their muscle by leveraging their partnership with hip-hop megastar Dr. Dre. In his latest video, “I Need A Doctor”, the Pre 3 makes a brief cameo appearance alongside a TouchPad which prominently displays the HP logo. Although these yet-to-be-released products only get a few seconds of camera time, those precious seconds seemed to be just enough time to showcase the “Touch to Share” feature that HP showed off a few weeks back. So far HP has delivered on its promise to push WebOS as much as they can. Hopefully that translates into sales once these products actually become available. Check out the full video below, or if you’re just interested in the TouchPad’s 4 second stint, fast forward to 4:16 to check out the action.

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