DVBLink v3.2.1 Released

DVBLogic have released v3.2.1 of DVBLink. There are new features and fixes including improved iPad streaming.

Last week on the podcast we gave copies of the network pack and we should have another giveaway soon

Details from DVBLogic forums:

DVBLink products v3.2.1 are released!
What’s new and fixed since version 3.2:
– Added: Portuguese language
– Added: Server and source channel settings backup and restore functionality
– Added: Simplified software activation functionality
DVBLink TVSource
– Fixed: Stuttering HD and/or SD channels, which are descrambled using plugins (applies only to channels, which have unencrypted "adaptation field only" a/v packets interleaved with encrypted ones)
– Added: CI module support for AnySee E7 tuners
DVBLink Server Network Pack
– Fixed: unstable start of streaming on IPad/IPhone (when arrow button is pressed it stays gray and streaming does not start)
– Reduced periodic artefacts when playing back channels on IPad/IPhone
– Improved playback of HD channels on IPad/IPhone (still substantial CPU may be required)
DVBLink for IPTV
– Fixed: stuttering on HD channels
DVBLink for Dreambox
– No changes
Important!! Version 3.2.x is incompatible with version 3.1 or earlier. This means that you must upgrade all of your DVBLink products to the new version!
How to install:
DVBLink TVSource/DVBLink TVSource Connected Edition:
– Run DVBLinkSetup.exe from Setup folder. It will both install new version or update existing version to a new one.
DVBLink Server Network Client / DVBLink for Dreambox / DVBLink for IPTV:
– New installation: run msi installation files. Install DVBLink server first, followed by the DVBLink source product installation and (eventually) Network Pack installation.
– Upgrade: run enclosed bat files. Upgrade DVBLink Server first, then DVBLink source products and then (eventually) Network Pack and Network Client(s). This will preserve all your channels and settings. You will need to re-enter server IP address after upgrading client.
The versions of all binary files (exe and dll) should be
DVBLink products v3.2.1 are available for download from the main page of our website http://www.dvblogic.com.

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