PowerController MCE updated, ideal for Christmas lights

Martin Millmore has just updated his PowerControllerMCE app in time for Christmas, the original application integrated with Bye Bye Standby power controllers and enabled you to control and schedule timing on and off of devices (ideal for Christmas lights) from a Windows Media Center PC.

The new version enables you to monitor the status of the plugs either from Windows Media Center or from an Android app, the app reads the settings from your PC and enables you to control the devices and monitor which ones are on or off.

More info and the download link at milliesoft.co.uk


  • Control power devices from your media center PC
  • See which devices are on and which are off (even when they are switched by another controller, e.g. a remote control, a switch, or another application)
  • Turn all devices off at once
  • Add scheduled events to turn devices on and off

Mobile Integration

There is also a companion Android phone application which can be used to control your power devices. It will read all of your devices from your PC so that you don’t have to type them in again, and which will share the device status from your PC, displaying widgets to show you what it on and what is off.

Download the app from the Android Market by searching for Power Controller.

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