With CES 2011 just around the corner it should have been the big coming out party for Google TV but according to the nytimes.com Google has asked TV makers to delay their introductions due to Google wanting to refine their software and sort out their relationships with their partners. So far the reviews where not exactly stellar and and  It looks like Samsung will be the only new manufacturer showing off Google TV at CES along side existing Sony and Logitech devices,the other manufactures are being told to wait until a new version ships that includes an app store.

“We will not be announcing a Toshiba TV or Blu-ray player or demonstrating the products at C.E.S.,” said Jeff Barney, the vice president of Toshiba’s digital products division. “We have an understanding with Google about the future product roadmap and will bring the right product out at the right timeframe.”

I thought the platform looked over complicated especially where it uses IR Blasters to control set top boxes but I am sure Google will keep plugging away at the OS for now.

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