imageNot sure I should be blogging about my rival’s choice for product of the year  but DVBLink is worth writing about. Today they have launched DVBLink 3.2 RC3 which fixes issues with iPhone stream and adds extra tuner support

Download from and here are the full details:

DVBLink 3.2 RC3 is available!
What is new/fixed from RC2:
DVBLink Server Network Pack:
– Fixed: unstable streaming to IPhone
– Fixed: unstable channel switching in web streaming interface
DVBLink TVSource:
– Added: support for TBS 6921, 8921 and QBox3 tuners
Important!! Version 3.2 is incompatible with version 3.1 or earlier. This means that you must upgrade all of your DVBLink products to the new version!
We would like to ask you to check the functionality of mobile web interface in all your desktop and mobile browsers. Streaming will only work on IPhone/IPad, but the rest of functionality (guide browsing, timer recordings) should work in all browsers. Please post your experiences here together with the browser and mobile information.
How to install:
DVBLink TVSource/DVBLink TVSource Connected Edition:
– Run DVBLinkSetup.exe from Setup folder. It will both install new version or update old version.
DVBLink Server Network Client / DVBLink for Dreambox / DVBLink for IPTV:
– New installation: run msi installation files. Install DVBLink server first, followed by the DVBLink source product installation and (eventually) Network Pack installation.
– Upgrade: run enclosed bat files. Upgrade DVBLink Server first, then DVBLink source products and then (eventually) Network Pack and Network Client(s). This will preserve all your channels and settings. You will need to re-enter server IP address after upgrading client.
The versions of all binary files (exe and dll) should be
For the additional information and things to know please refer to beta 1, 2, 3, RC1 and RC2 announcements:
DVBLink TVSource v3.2 RC3 can be downloaded here (zip file contains both TVSource and Network Pack!): …
DVBLink For IPTV v3.2 RC3 can be downloaded here: …
DVBLink For Dreambox v3.2 RC3 can be downloaded here: …
DVBLink Server Network Pack v3.2 RC3 can be downloaded here: …

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