I have tried various DLNA apps with the iPad and iPhone with various degrees of success but Barb Bowman has got a nice solution for streaming music from Windows to an iPhone/iPad/iPod using Play To.  I have been able to play music on the iPhone that is stored on my Media Center PC from the iPhone but no using Play To on the PC so I was interested to see that Barb has been using an iOS app called PlugPlayer

I like the idea of having my iPhone plugged into a dock and being able to use play to to stream music to any zone. Read Barb’s post for all the details. I am going to try and write up my iOS DLNA experiences as I recently got video streaming working.

Yes, you read that correctly. The iPxxx devices don’t natively support DLNA functionality, which rules out using Windows 7 Play To”, so I decided to see what could be done, at least as a proof of concept, to try to get this working.

The secret sauce was finding an app called PlugPlayer and installing it on my iPhone and iPad and seeing my iPxx devices show up in the Network Window .


I was intrigued, and not expecting much success, used Windows Explorer, right clicked a music file and saw not only my TV and Sonos Players listed, but my iPhone (via PlugPlayer) as well.

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