You have probably heard by now that some bright sparks at Microsoft have decided that removing Drive Extender from Windows Home Server Version 2 (Codename Vail) is a good idea! Well its not and it will probably kill off the WHS platform in my opinion.

I was reading this post on the subject at and in the comments I noticed a link to a thread on the Microsoft Connect (Beta) website.

You will need a Connect account to access this page or you will get an error, but I highly suggest if you want to vote and express your comments to Microsoft this is probably the best place to do it. So please take the time to register and get on Connect if you can. You can find the thread on Connect here.

There are currently 2852 Votes in favour of keeping Drive Extender in Vail and 37 against. There are currently 775 comments that have been posted by users.

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The comment I posted on the Microsoft Connect thread can be seen below and clearly expresses my disbelief in this announcement.

I am totally shocked and amazed that Microsoft would think that removing Drive Extender from WHS V2 would be a good idea. Duh which idiots make these decisions?
I just got the link to this Connect thread from this blog post here:
Microsoft please read the user comments on the above blog post and the many other blog posts on the Internet, where this news about Drive Extender being removed has been announced.
The comments left on this Microsoft Connect thread are only a tiny minority of users who have a Connect login account, there must be 1000’s of others who also want to see that Drive Extender does remain in the WHS product, who can’t post here.
I certainly won’t be upgrading to WHS V2 if Drive Extender is removed and neither will our Media Center customers.
Sort it out Microsoft and get your act together !

Stuart aka CW-KID

Microsoft Windows Entertainment and Connected Home MVP

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