Spotted this handy little tool on TGB: MC-TVConverter is a tool that will convert Media Center TV files in to WTV, DVR-MS, TS, DEMUX, MPG, WMV, AVI and FLV.

The app is open source and is free and could be handy for ad-hoc file conversions


So, what is MC-TVConverter?
It’s a free opensource GUI written in AutoIt using various great free tools for converting videofiles. It’s mainly targeted for converting MediaCenter recordings and tries to be userfriendly and fast.


You can find all informations and the download on the homepage:

This GUI uses the great remuxTool from dburckh for converting WTV files into more standard formats, which is essential for my GUI. So, please consider donating to him, as he was the first who made this possible!



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  1. Avdshare Video Converter, serving as the most powerful WTV to TS converter, can convert all WTV MPEG-2 or WTV H.264 to TS for playing WTV in VLC or other programs that can support TS.

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