Nial at has announced the launch of final versions of their Windows 7 Media Center and Windows Phone 7 applications:

Big Screen ‘byRemote’ – for Windows 7 Media Center v1.0 *Final Release*

*free* ‘BASIC EDITION’ Available now

With Big Screen ‘by Remote’ – you can now access your Windows 7 Media Center EPG from just about anywhere. Offering an XHTML Mobile Phone Interface (compatible with most mobile phone browsers) – and a great looking Silverlight v4 User Interface (for access via almost any Internet browser including both PC’s and Mac’s) – By Remote allows you to browse the EPG, schedule Program and Series recordings at the click of a button (or the swipe of your finger) and manage your recorded TV Files.

Featuring almost ‘zero touch’ configuration and setup – you can get up and running in almost no time with By Remote on any Windows 7 Media Center PC. By Remote runs in the background on your machine (as a Windows Service) – and allows you to use it from any machine inside or outside your house (or mobile phone) – even if you’re not logged on.

… and the big news that you’ll be really happy to hear is that we’ve also decided to make the ‘Basic Edition’ of byRemote available completely for free (that’s right – nothing to pay – and it never expires). The Basic Edition contains most of the functionality you’ve seen in the beta versions of byRemote. A ‘Pro Edition’ will be made available in the future with some exciting new features and will be available for purchase.

>> To find out more about Big Screen byRemote – visit the new product site.

Big Screen ‘byRemote’

 – for Windows Phone 7

Available now for trial + purchase from Windows Marketplace (in ‘Music & Videos’ category)

Based on the great technology developed for the Silverlight 4 desktop client – the Windows Phone 7 native app brings the functionality of byRemote to the new Windows Phone 7 devices released by major manufacturers over past month. Featuring multi-touch support and a great looking UI designed specially for the look/feel of Windows Phone 7 Metro UI – this app is optimized for 3G and Wireless users. Now you’ll never miss a TV show – no matter where you are!

This native application is available for download and purchase via the Windows Marketplace Store for USD$4.99. (NB: Price may vary based on location and currency). A free Trial Version is also available.  

Please note : This App requires that have installed v1.0 release of byRemote for Windows 7 Media Center (the free ‘Basic Edition’ is all you need).

>> To find out more about Big Screen byRemote for Windows Phone 7 – visit the 
product page (screenshots + video available).



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