This is one of the apps I think really shows off how well Windows Media Center and Windows Phone can work together. Meteor is a Windows Phone 7 remote control app for Windows Media Center and is a great looking app. After seeing this I really want to get hold of a Windows Phone now.

Checkout the video bellow, I think you will be impressed!


This video is a short tour of the Meteor WP7 Media Center Remote Control. Please check us out at
It shows off the panoramic hub that gives you access to the aspects of WMC that a user wants, including:
– The Recent Section
A section that shows off the media that is currently playing and what has been recently played; all tracked by the server, so all clients are synchronised.
– The New Section
You want to know what’s just been added to your library so you can quickly go to your freshly legally ripped or legally downloaded media.
– The Library
You want full, simple, integrated access to all of your media. The Library makes it simple to browse and search through your library to exactly what you want, quickly.
The video shows off the fine control and response that is paramount in a Windows Phone 7 application with rich commanding and UI flare to notify the user that things have changed.
Finally, the video takes you a short tour of the library, showing the capabilities of Meteor including Music, TV and movies. Recorded TV and a full, capable EPG (TV guide) will be shown off in a future video

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