Sony have launched a Google TV powered range of TVs ranging from 24 inch at $599 up to a 46 inch TV priced at $1,399.  While I like the idea of having a TV with built in Internet TV I do wonder whether having the Google TV hardware and software integrated in to a TV is a bit limiting. I am happy with my Sony TV I purchased in 2006 but since then I have had Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Boxee, Apple TV etc connected up to it and the platform of 2006 is a lot different to that of 2010. I like the flexibility of having a separate device connected to the TV but I can understand for some users the simplicity of one device is a benefit.

The other thing I don’t like is Sony’s clunky Remote Control, it reminds me of a label printer I have in the office, its certianly not going to win any style awards!

So far I think Logitech offering looks better and I still not sold on Google TV

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