is a Media Center addin that brings internet video content into Windows Media Center with sources like Hulu and

Version 2 looks like a major re-write and brings new sources and includes a channel build. The new edition will be out soon and Yaggs (the developer) has decided to start charging for the addin, priced at $3.99 its the price of a couple of TV shows of iTunes and should give you access to much more content so its well worth taking a look at. (Version 1 remains free)

Here are the details from 2.0 lets you build your own TV guide that contains content from many different types of sources… you can easily create your own channels that mimic channels on traditional TV and have quick access to all of your favourite shows whether they are on Hulu, Netflix, local video files, or some other web based source.  The included Channel Builder application allows you to easily create your own channels with just a few mouse clicks as well as download channels created by other users.  Checkout the features page for more information!

Why are we charing for 2.0

The original version of was free will remain free as long as it is available … as with any free product there wasn’t a whole lot of time to devote to it as it didn’t help pay the bills.  With 2.0 we want the application to grow and be updated on a pretty frequent basis.  We have decided to charge a small fee for version 2.0, just $3.99 (about the cost of buying an episode of a TV show in HD).  This small fee will help keep updated and should hopefully help it grow over time.

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Yaggs has posted a 20 minute video showing off the new features and how it works

One thought on “ 2.0 Coming Soon”
  1. This looks like a good add-in. Although I wonder how useful it will be to UK users given that the content (at least in the promo video) is all US based and therefore restricted from us over this side of the pond?
    Obviously, US based VPN services exist to circumvent these region restrictions but it seems to be a cat and mouse game, i.e. use it for as long as you can and then find another one when Hulu et al gets wise and shuts the door on that particular VPN.

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