Some time ago I talked about Kylo a browser designed to be displayed on TV. The browser has channels, big font and a large on screen keyboard that make it easy to surf from the sofa.  Yesterday the developers Hillcrest Labs released an updated version of the browser and it now can be launched directly from Windows Media Center

Enhanced integration with Windows Media Center – Users are now able to automatically integrate the Kylo browser into Windows Media Center. This feature enables users to launch Kylo from within Windows Media Center and then easily return directly to Windows Media Center when the Kylo browser is closed. It also includes new control key settings that enable Kylo to be controlled by standard Window Media Center remotes

There are other new features too:

Latest Version Includes Instant Visual Search Through Integration with
Now Available for the United Kingdom, with a UK-Centric Kylo Directory
Ideal Companion Product, The LoopTM Pointer, Offered at Reduced Price

Download the app for free from

Thanks to David for the tip

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