JK Takes A First Look at the TEGA v2 Windows Slate

Old friend of the show James Kendrick has a first look at the new TEGA Windows Slate PC. With a similar form factor to the iPad it runs Windows 7 (and therefore Media Center) and dual boots with Android OS. So theoretically it could be the best of both worlds, having a full copy of Windows and a fast starting mobile OS.

After watching the video James has done I would say the Slate looks really nice, the hardware looks nice and I guess its handy having Android on there but since its Android 1.6 and has no marketplace on it I think its usage would be limited. Ultimately it still has the standard Windows UI and not a touch optimized environment but its nice to have the option.

The TEGA v2 is comes from Australian company Tegatech and will be priced  at $799 / 649 Euro, check out James’ video

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