I came across a great how to guide today on how to take your recorded TV files from Windows Media Center and convert them to play on an iOS device or stream to an Apple TV and include the metadata/coverart.

The guide using MCEBuddy which is a tool I have been using to convert my TV files for the iPad but adds automation and cover art. At the moment I copy the files I want convert to a folder that mceBuddy watches so its a manual process to get the files in to iPad and this guide looks a good way of improving my work flow but still is no where near as good as it is with the Zune and the Zune Software where I can right click on a video file and select “Sync with Zune”

The full guide is on tech-recipes.com and there is a video guide I have embedded bellow

This recipe is a much more advanced one.  We will outline how to take your recorded TV shows from Windows 7 Media Center (.wtv files), convert them to an iTunes compatible MP4, re-tag the IDTAGS for iTunes and then have iTunes import the shows automatically.  This recipe requires intermediate command line knowledge and 2 free utilities.  In the end, we should have a solution that will let us convert our tv we record in Win7 MCE and then watch it on our iPod/iPad/iPhone AND stream it via iTunes to iTV 🙂

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