I am still not convinced about Google TV but they have got a site up showing off the new Google TV service and it does look pretty impressive. The site shows off how you can search,browse, use apps and combine web and video content. All stuff Windows Media Center can do already…

Anybody thinking of getting one when they become available?


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  1. Last year i posted this on my Blog http://t.co/Br0gcrH I find it hugely frustrating that Microsoft who already has all of this appears to be just sitting on it hands. Yes it is a busy time for Microsoft right now but seriously, you mean to tell me they could not leave a team of developers moving Media Center forward and at the very least giving us examples and keeping us updated as to what is coming !! grrrrr

  2. It’s got to be worth taking a look if the price is right hasn’t it. I’m thinking that if it is <£100 for the logitech box, I'll buy one to have a look. It's no media center replacement though it it - just a toy. In fact, it would be even better if they made an installable version for existing hardware.

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