DVBLink products v3.2 are released for public beta!

Over at the DVB Logic forums Oberon just announced the release of DVBLink 3.2 – I’m excited by the iPhone (and hopefully iPad) support and also the integration of remote recording scheduling. I’m less excited by the fact that 3.2 won’t be a free update for existing users but hopefully it won’t cost too much and I do know every penny I have spent on DVBLogic stuff in the past has been worth it.

More details at http://alturl.com/xeqxc

What’s new and fixed:
DVBLink TVSource
– Added EPG from the stream (EIT packets) support
– TeVii S660 support (changed tuner name)
– Support for new TBS tuners drivers
– Digital Devices CI module support
– Terratec H7 dvb-t tuner support (changed tuner name)
DVBLink Server Network Pack
– Guide listings in a webbrowser and remote timer recordings programming
– IPhone streaming support
– Added Chinese and Polish languages
– DVBLink channel number assignment when doing EPG channel mapping (for example for Sky xmltv listings)
– EPG program information overwrite on each update. This means that previously incomplete EPG data will be overwritten with a newer one when it becoms available.
Important!! Version 3.2 is incompatible with version 3.1 or earlier. This means that you must upgrade all of your DVBLink products to the new version!
How to install:
– New installation: run msi installation files. Install DVBLink server first, followed by the DVBLink source product installation and (eventually) Network Pack installation.
– Upgrade: run enclosed bat files. Upgrade DVBLink Server first, then DVBLink source products and then (eventually) Network Pack and Network Client(s). This will preserve all your channels and settings.
Things to know and to consider:
– Version 3.2 products are in beta phase, meaning that, although we have tested them thoroughly, there might be still some problems that have to be solved.
– DVBLink Server Network Pack 3.2 license is incompatible with the one from version 3.1 and earlier. Version 3.2 will be distributed as a paid upgrade for existing users.
– The main focus of this beta on functionality. Web user interface will be still changed/improved
– Users with satellite tuners need to rescan the channels. Otherwise you may receive DVBLink "No signal" message when tuning channels in MediaCenter
– The DVBLink default recorder is used for remote Guide watching and timer recording programming. This means that for it to work you must select one of your MediaCenters to be a DVBLink default recorder (via MediaCenter DVBLink addin menu).
– DVBLink server will wake up the default recorder MediaCenter if it is in the sleep state via "wakeup on lan" and will start MediaCenter itself. Make sure that your BIOS and network card settings allow "wakeup on lan" to work.
– To watch channels on the IPhone connect to DVBLink Server from IPhone browser using the following URL: http://<dvblink server ip address>:port/iphone
– Currently Guide information and timer recordings are not available on IPhone – just TV streaming
– Users, having issues with incorrect display of accented characters in channel names or scanned EPG information, may select another DVB coding page in the general DVBLink server settings dialog and re-scan channels/EPG information.
The 3.2 version of DVBLink for DreamBox and DVBLink for IPTV will be made available for beta soon.

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