Been having a few problems recently with my Windows Home Server, you know that small box that stores everything that’s important in your life like your media collection, home movies, photographs etc etc.

It all started with the odd system freeze up on Friday and by Saturday it would no longer load at all, it would post ok but freeze loading Windows, now here is where it gets interesting.

I tried to do a server reinstall first off, it froze a couple of minutes in, I swapped out the RAM, it still wont boot, I changed the power supply, still no boot, a new hard drive froze doing a re-install, new processor, still no dice, final option is a new motherboard.

Luckily I have managed to find one that is the exact same model on Ebay so it should just be a straight replacement without the need to rebuild the server software, well thats what I hope will happen, if it freezes this time it has to be the case 🙂

I honestly feel that my right arm is missing without access to my content and also worried that I may lose some of it, the main things are the irreplaceable content like home videos and photos of your young ones growing up, an interesting discovery that I have made is that if you have a Windows Live ID, this comes with 25 Gigs of free online storage called Sky Drive, I am going to utilise this for a cloud backup of my irreplaceable content, it pays to have extra protection and the Cloud makes perfect sense for this.

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