I am still on a mission to get recorded TV from Windows Media Center to my iPad and iPhone and it looks like there may be a new solution. Simple.tv runs as a service on your PC and then converts the files to an iPad/iPhone friendly format which you can then subscribe to in iTunes.

Adam over on DMZ says it been working so far for him and I am going to give it a try over the weekend. The application is in beta at the moment  and as Adam mentioned the developer hints at a paid subscription model and that would put me off but if it works as advertised it could be a good solution.

Download from Simple.tv


What it does

simple.tv makes all of your Windows Media Center recorded TV shows and movies available on your iPad, iPod, iPhone, Apple TV and every Mac and PC in your house.

  • Converts DVR-MS and .WTV to H.264
  • Converts AC-3 audio to AAC, MPEG
  • Serves up great looking .mp4

How it works

simple.tv looks for recorded TV shows on your Media Center. When it sees a new show come in, it automatically converts it into high-quality H.264 video and serves it up to iTunes as a Podcast, or streams it to your web browser.

Connect your iPod to iTunes for free shows to go.

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