I have finally got round to updating the Media Center Health Monitor application to work with the changes in Twitter’s authentication policies. There are no changes to the twitter functionally but the app should now be able to send updates via Twitter. The other change I have made has been frequent requested and that is the app starts hidden automatically, so if you want to access the UI you have to click on the icon in the notification area .

The application will automatically update when it starts up and you shouldn’t have to re-input any credentials

In case you haven’t used the app its a system that monitors the health of your Windows Media Center system and will send you alerts via the apps UI, email or Twitter. So it will tell you if a recording has been missed for some reason (conflicts etc) and if everything is ok. There is a web UI to monitor multiple systems, RSS feeds, email,Twitter notifications and a Windows Home Server addin. The service is free and you can sign up HERE (its not the same account as your normal TDL account)

One thought on “Update for Media Center Health Monitor”
  1. Thank you Ian, but I also thought that and did so with no results. I’ve forced recordings and other events, and I’ve allowed day’s worth of natural events to occur without ending the WHM errors. I’ve reinstalled WHM to no avail. Since you said the index number is related to events, then my log clearing must have caused an out of sync situation with the real log versus WHM’s counter. Does WHM store that index counter value in the Registry? If so, can try resetting it to some positive number (the errors show negative values). Thank you.
    Robert W
    P.S. if there is a more appropriate place for me to move this discussion, I’ll do it, so just say where and I’ll clear out of this front end area.

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