Martin has been busy! While working on MCE LoveFilm he has released an updated version of TunerFree MCE. 4.1.0 adds a new auto-upgrader and can be downloaded from


Change Log

4.1.0 Added a new auto-upgrader
Added support for plugins to run their own parsers.

4.0.4 Fixed a bug in 4.0.3 with the background app crashing.

4.0.3 Updated search to look at program descriptions and episode names.
Fixed bug with plugin click positions.
Corrected BBC playing for low resolution displays.

4.0.2 Fixed a problem with Back not exiting.
Added a cancel download button.

4.0.1 Fixed a problem with Hulu parsing.
Fixed a problem with playing BBC flash as a backup to wmv.

0 thoughts on “TunerFree MCE 4.1.0 Released”
  1. Oh No! If only you’d waited a day! Version 4.2 is out today, which brings much improved BBC HD support – now you don’t have to watch all BBC TV in flash just for the occasional HD program. A dedicated BBC HD channel plays the 720p content in the flash player, and the rest of the BBC content is available in the lower res, but extender compatible wmv format.

    Also, as part of the changes, we have been able to add in plugin support for New Zealand television. Any NZTV fans should head to the plugins screen to enable that.

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