I am always on the look out for good remote control solution for Media Center and Anthony sent us a link to what looks like a good one. Mobile Mouse Pro is an iPhone/iPod app that works in conjunction with software you install on the client machine. In the video bellow you at around 6:15 you can see the the app controlling Windows Media Center and it looks pretty cool.

The app costs $1.99 for the iPhone/iPod version  $2.99 and  for the iPad version from the iTunes app store and the server is free

Feature List:

  • Accelerometer based mouse
  • Trackpad with vertical and horizontal orientation
  • Media keys with volume and eject controls
  • Web keys
  • Application switcher/launcher
  • Application notifications
  • Unlimited custom media and web remotes with scripting capabilities
  • Remote keyboard with modifier keys
  • Function keyboard with arrow keys
  • Oversized numeric keypad
  • Programable hotkeys (can be set to run a program or keyboard combination)
  • Scroll pad
  • Multitouch gestures (supports scrolling & right click)
  • Remotely wake up and put your computer to sleep
  • Password protection
  • Custom sensitivity settings
  • Foreign language keyboards
  • Supports Bonjour or static IP
  • Works over Bluetooth PAN (requires carrier support, currently not available on AT&T)
  • No screen size limitation. Works with multiple monitors
  • Works over WIFI, no line of sight limitations
  • Built from the ground up for Mac and Windows

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