Firecore the developers behind the aTVFlash hack for the 1st gen Apple TV have outlined their plans for the new generation Apple TV. While they are going to continue supporting the old white device they are going to release a new version of the tool called ‘aTV Flash black’. Those with a valid aTV Flash license will have access to this new version at no additional cost. So far I have been indifferent to the new Apple TV but if Firecore can open it up it may well be worth looking at.

If your interested in signing up for the beta go to Firecore’s site and enter your email address

altWe’re excited to announce that development for the new (black) AppleTV is underway! Things were able to get going a bit earlier than expected as the software for the new AppleTVs was released before the devices actually shipped. 

Most who pre-ordered, including us, received they’re AppleTV shipments yesterday.  The long and short is the new AppleTVs have an A4 processor, 8GB of storage, 256MB of RAM, and built-in Bluetooth. There’s even been some encouraging discoveries that may allow for full 1080p playback on the new models. iFixit has a very comprehensive teardown article that outlines many hardware features, and includes many hi-res photos – the article can be seen here.

Hardware aside, developing for the new AppleTV software is moving along quite well.  We’re still exploring the possibilities of what the new devices can handle, but a lot of the early roadblocks are starting to be overcome.

Below are a few thoughts on what to expect in the coming weeks…

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