The strange situation of the mystery HP leaker continues and this time he shows off some more features of the HP Slate. The Video shows the packaging of the business edition and even lists all the specs. I have to say the hardware looks great, as well a having the capacitive touch it comes with a pen and a really nice stand. On the video he shows off the auto screen rotation and the video cameras. So far the main issue I would have with it is the size of the on-screen keyboard. On my Tablet PC it only takes up a same part of the screen but on the HP Slate it takes up 3/4 of the screen

While it will not come close to the simplicity and speed of the iPad, I can see this being useful for me for getting work done and maybe a combination of a MIFI, the HP Slate and an iPad could be my ideal mobile toolset

Considering how much information this unknown person is leaking out I have to wonder if its not a clever marketing campaign from HP to virally market the unit

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  1. Interesting – but the 30+ seconds boot time seems less than useful & WTF is the CRTL-ALT-DELETE button all about – I suspect Apple has nothing to fear here,,,

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