imageSomething a bit different from the normal items I normally review. If I want to get a paper document or photo in to an electronic format then I normally go to my old HP Printer/Scanner and scan it in but it’s connected up to my server at home so not very useful if I am out and about so what would be handy would be to have a portable scanner.

This is where the new Doxie scanner comes in. Its a neat portable USB scanner that makes it really easy to store and share scanned documents. The scanner just has one USB connection to a PC or MAC and then there is a push button to start scanning. Once scanned you can send the document to the local PC or send it to Google Docs, Flickr, iBooks or my favourite app Evernote.


In practice scanning is nice and simple you load the scanning software pick either photo or document and your away. You can save the document as a PDF, JPG, PNG or BMP and then you can send the document to an iPhone/iPad via iBook or Evernote. You can also send the document to web apps like Google Docs, Flickr, iPhoto etc

The package contacts the scanner, a USB cable, some documents and a slip case and is very light so you could carry it around with you if you wanted.  If you want a quick way to get documents online then this is a nice solution, the document quality is very good and it’s simple to use. Since getting an iPad I have used Evernote even more and this is a great way to get paper documents on to the iPad so I think I will get some good use out of it.

I will continue using over the next few weeks to get some real world experiences but so far I am impressed. The scanner is priced at $129 from




This is a photo I scanned in that has come out pretty well (the original picture is a bit faded from sitting on my desk for a few years) and a document I printed out and then scanned

mclarentestTest document 1

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