We have a new competition here on TDL, we are working with Ivy Worldwide to give away a fantastic Lenovo A70z all-in-one PC. We are teaming up with a number of other web site to participate in a short survey to help understand purchasing habits of small business (which I am sure many of you work at or own)

There are 6 prizes up for grabs and they will be picked at random from completed surveys, the prizes are:

Email addresses will only be used to contact eligible winners and WILL NOT be retained once prize selection has occurred. We WILL NOT share contact data or otherwise contact any respondent. You must satisfy the conditions bellow to be eligible to win:

  • Complete the full survey (the revenues question (or any other) can be skipped if too sensitive, although we’d of course prefer all questions be answered)
  • Supply valid information in the free-text areas (i.e., no nonsensical answers)
  • Supply a valid email address
  • Entries close July 31st

Good luck and the survey link is HERE


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