UPDATE: The app has been temporarily withdrawn by the developer

There is a great new app for Windows Media Center for interacting with Xbox Live from the Media Center UI. XBL Unlocked enables you to see your friends Xbox Live status and send messages directly from the Windows Media Center. I have had a quick play with it and it seems to work great, its a nice way to interact with your Xbox friends from Media Center

You can download the app for free from the MadeforMediaCenter.com app store

XBL Unlocked Media Center Plugin application gives you access to your friends and messages from your Media Center PC or a Media Center Extender.
Friend Management:
See if you friends are online as well as what they are currently doing online.

Met someone new? Want to add them to your friends list? Dont like someone anymore since they made fun of your mom and want to remove them from your friends list? XBL Unlocked gives you a simple and easy way to add and remove friends from your list as well as accept and reject friend requests from other gamers.

Message Management:
Send and receive Xbox messages to a single friend or several friends. Create your own message snippets or use our pre-defined ones to quickly send messages or reply to messages recieved.

Be alerted when a new message has arrived or when a friend comes online. A popup is displayed in the lower right-hand corner to inform you of the alert.

Download from MadeforMediaCenter.com


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