When anybody asked me about what Anti-virus application they should install on their home systems and specifically what AV solution they should install on their Media Center systems I recommend Microsoft Security Essentials. I like it because its free and most of all because its lightweight, so much better than any of the paid solutions that seem to take over your system and slow it down. I a still amazed that people are paying for AV solutions.

Microsoft have released a beta of new next version of the app which includes some nice new features:

Windows Firewall integration – During setup, Microsoft Security Essentials will now ask if you would like to turn the Windows Firewall on or off.

Enhanced protection for web-based threats – Microsoft Security Essentials now integrates with Internet Explorer to provide protection against web-based threats.

New protection engine – The updated anti-malware engine offers enhanced detection and cleanup capabilities with better performance.

Network inspection system* – Protection against network-based exploits is now built in to Microsoft Security Essentials.


To get the beta click here to visit the Microsoft Connect page to register for the beta. Once completed – you will find the instructions for downloading and installing the beta

Info from the Windows Team Blog

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