While chatting to Microsoft’s Mark Pendergrast on The Media Center Show he said it would interesting to post two questions to listeners and readers about Windows Media Center in Windows Embedded 7

So here they are:

  • What do you want features would you like to see in an Embedded Device that you don’t currently get in Windows?
  • What kind of applications and services would you like to see in a Windows Media Center embedded device?

Mark wasn’t promising to add any of the requested features but the team are listening to your opinions and its good to see that Microsoft are investing in the Windows Media Center Embedded platform

I would like to see a shared guide and TV tuner system so that PCs and Embedded setup boxes could work as a complete solution, what do you think?

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  1. •What kind of applications and services would you like to see in a Windows Media Center embedded device?
    The guide data should be synced throughout all the connected MCE or embedded devices.
    View protected content on Embedded devices.

  2. 1 – Display pictures from one or more skydrive accounts would be nice. (I tried windows phone 7 last monday and it has the option to send pictures to skydrive, so browsing this pictures in Media Center seems the way to go).
    2 – Tuner and EPG sharing.
    3 – Support for watching premium DVB TV(Cable, Satellite and Over the Air), by adding support for a Cam and a Subscription Card from the TV Provider (Like cable card, but for Europe).
    4 – Play To Client (DLNA DMR) today this works on the extender, but not on the PC
    5 – Video Playlists
    6 – Play To Controler (send media to DNLA compilant devices using the remote)
    7 – Podcast integration (Video and Audio)

    If I remember something else, I’ll post here 🙂

  3. Basic Features that I would need to see in Windows Media Center Embedded Device that are not currently in Windows 7:
    #1, Ability to play protected CableCard recordings if it is in the same HomeGroup as the Windows Embedded device that made the original recording. The current situation is not acceptable with multiple Media Center devices in the home. In all likelyhood, I’m going to move recordings to Windows Home Server so when the original “recording” device is turned off, I should still be able to play that content on other Windows Embedded devices in the house.
    #2, Device still needs to be DLNA compliant to accept/play content sent from PC.
    #3, Sync framework so that system/app settings can be sync’d between multiple devices. For example, parental controls shouldn’t have to be set for each device.
    #4, Built-in capability that is equivalent to the Windows Home Server Power Pack 3 – TV Archive functionality
    #5, Official app store that is tied to same/similiar marketplace as Windows Phone 7…primarily for sandboxed Silverlight apps
    #6, Project Natal support. I want the same gesture capabilities to navigate Media Center as XBox does.

    Kind of apps/services I like to see:
    #1 NetFlix
    #2 Zune Marketplace and allow device to utilize Zune Pass
    #3 HULU
    #4 Screen Clip app that send a snapshot of something I see on the screen to my email. I would use this as either a reminder of something interesting I want to lookup further or to send to a friend.

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