Don’t forget you can vote every day, so lets keep voting and get this app developed!

Microsoft and are running “Hey Windows Phone 7, I need this app” where developers can submit a pitch for an application and then the community can vote for the app they want. The winning application will be developed by Microsoft and one of the pitches is for a Windows Media Center extender app for Windows Phone 7, which I think is a brilliant idea and just what both platforms need. So go and vote for the Media Center application and try and know off “Party Reminder” from the top spot

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BTW You can vote once a day, so keep vote once a day!

Here are the details from pitch:


My app idea is a program that will let you access your Windows Media Center PC from your phone. This program would have the following features:

– Access your TV Guide to set programs for your WMC PC to record (just in case you’re not going to make it home for your favorite show)
-Access to your Recorded TV programs on the go
-Access to your music library
-Access to your video library
-Access to your pictures
-Access to the sports channel on WMC for score updates

In short, it should make your Windows Phone 7 device a portable Windows Media Center Extender

On top of WMC features, I think it should also add in access to internet radio stations.

Thanks to Michael for the tip


2 thoughts on “Vote for a Windows Media Center extender app on Windows Phone 7”
  1. So this app won? Well it came first anyways, but if you read the print it says

    “One winner, selected by a Windows panel of judges from the top 150 Most Viral entries, will win the honor and glory of getting the app they need available as a FREE download on Marketplace”

    So they could decide to create any one of the apps that were in the top 150 and not the one that was number 1?

  2. So let me get this straight. This app wins yet MS ignored it and went with some complete joke of an app….. something submitted by some grandma that is totally worthless

    Im so disgusted with MS over this. We spoke and our demand was totally ignored and they chose to go the easy route. What a sham… what a farce. Whats the point of even voting anyway when they are just going to pick whatever app is the easiest to make…. not which one we actually voted for.

    Screw you MS for fking us

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