Both the HTC Desire and HTC Legend have been available for a few months already, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t deserve to have their own round table. Besides, there are plenty of people that are looking for an alternative to the iPhone, and whether you are in the Americas, Europe, or Asia, you probably have some type of Desire and Legend variant for your choosing. To tackle this discussion I’m joined by Steve “Chippy” Paine of and the Meet: Mobility podcast; Richard Lai of Engadget fame and The Wrap Sheet podcast; and Nicole Scott of Scheduling became a bit of an enemy for this round table, so the discussion was split into two separate recordings. The first 75 minutes are dedicated to the HTC Desire. Chippy, Richard, and I analyze various aspects of the Desire including design, hardware, software, and competition and other options, including HTC’s own Legend. Nicole Scott then joins Richard and I in the final 55 minutes to take a closer look at the Legend, including comparisons to its predecessor, and of course its unique uni-body design (which apparently stands up well to the Nicole torture test). All together this round table clocks in at just over two hours! Fret not though as you have a few options. For those that are interested in both devices (and brave enough to embark on a two hour geek-fest), the full round table discussion has been put together as a single file. For those that would rather focus on either the Desire or Legend specifically, we’ve split out each conversation into it’s own mp3 as episodes 41a and 41b respectively. A huge thanks to Nicole, Chippy, and Richard for joining me on this round table. Be sure to check them out at their own sites listed below. Enjoy!

You can find Nicole Scott at

You can find Steve Paine at & the Meet:Mobility Podcast

You can find Richard Lai at Engadget & The Wrap Sheet Podcast



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HTC Round Table Part 1: HTC Desire

HTC Round Table Part 2: HTC Legend


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