The Custom Integrator Show is back with episode 30. We are wrapping up HDMI and HDMI matrix switchers, as ever Derek does a very detailed blog post to go with the show so I recommend you check it out


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Installment 030 finally wraps up our series on HDMI by taking the pieces we have discussed previously and applies them to selecting HDMI Matrix Switchers.  There are a wide variety of factors to consider when standardizing on an HDMI Matrix Switcher platform for any kind of distributed video/audio/control ecosystem.  We have seen several clients just pick one out of the blue without really knowing what to look for or what they really need it to do.  This also is critical for the enthusiast market where a good HDMI Matrix Switch could cost more than their entire system.  Hopefully, this podcast is able to take specific aspects of the various HDMI technologies and provide a set of guidelines that can help in defining the purchasing and best practices criteria for an HDMI-based infrastructure.  It is not as simple as it may seem.  I also apologize to our regular listeners for how long it took to get this one out there.  We actually recorded this installment over a month before I am getting this post out there.  I have been off on some pretty cool projects lately that have taken precedence.

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