There is a new app in the Made for Media Center apps store. HD-Trailers.NET Downloader is a 2 foot app for Media Center that downloads HD Movie trailers for watching in Windows Media Center. Its a simple app but it works well

Download for free from the app store

I love watching the latest HD movie trailers, but have always been frustrated with the various limitations of streaming them over the internet. So I began manually downloading them for offline Media Center viewing from the blog (which includes the newest trailers/clips from Apple, Yahoo, IGN and some others!) As you could imagine, this quickly became tedious as there are new ones available almost every day, so I wrote a small open source app to do the heavy lifting for me.

The app uses .NET 4 (c#) and is quite simple to setup & use: You extract the .rar to its own folder, edit the config file to your liking, and schedule it to run however often you like via Task Scheduler.

Configure Media Center to include the specified download folder in your Videos library, sort by date and thats all thats needed to have all the latest trailers in HD automagically available for viewing!

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