As promised DVBlogic have released the network pack out of their version 3 product in time for the world cup. This is not a full release being just the network server component but will function absolutely fine with exisiting v2 setups of DVBLink.

From the DVBLogic Press Release:

Now you can watch your favorite TV channels not only inside your house, but also over the Internet using browser interface wherever you are!

New version of DVBLink Server Network Pack features a single big addition – streaming TV over the internet:

– Streaming is done in Windows Media format that does not require any special codecs to be installed on the client side
– Access to your DVBLink Server is secured with user name and password
– Easy to navigate user interface
– Four quality levels for optimal bandwidth/quality selection
– Windowed and full screen modes
– Tested to work with Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Opera
– Compatible with all DVBLink source products v2.x and the upcoming v3.0
– TV and Radio channels playback

We would like to thank all our beta testers for their valuable feedback! All existing DVBLink network pack users will upgrade for free as new version of Network Pack will pick up their registration information automatically.

Please note that DVBLink Server Network Client stays at version 2.1 to ensure interoperability with the currently available release version of all DVBLink source products. The 20-days fully functional trial version of DVBLink Server Network Pack v3.0 can be downloaded from Download section of our website. Enjoy!

I’ll be demoing some of the features of this new network pack at the User Group event on Saturday 12th June 2010 in Birmingham.


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