Yesterday ASUS launched two new interesting devices called the Eee Pad. The 12”  Eee Pad is a slim line slate that has a Core 2 duo processor 12” display, runs Windows 7 Home Premium (so comes with Windows Media Center) and has a detachable keyboard (reminds me of my old TC1100 Tablet PC)

Then there is the 10” model running Windows Embedded Compact 7, which is an embedded lightweight OS based on Windows CE and has been rumoured to be the platform Windows Phone 7 is based. It is NVIDIA Tegra powered with 10 hours of battery life. There are said to be priced from $399 to $499 and should be out early next year.

I really like the idea of of the 10” device. Windows Embedded Compact 7 supports touch screens, .net development, Silverlight and Flash so would make for a great lightweight OS


Here is a video of the Eee Pad from Engadget , they both look great. I love the the 10” device

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