Yesterday Google unveiled Google TV at their I/O conference, and it looks like its going to be in a future Sony TV and a Logitech set top box. As previously reported the Android powered device will sit in between a Cable box via HDMI and IR blasters. Its going to use Chrome and Flash and be open to 3rd party developers via the Android Marketplace.

It looks an interesting idea but as you can see from the video its doing what we can already do with Windows Media Center and using IR Blasters has never been my idea of fun


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  1. Those YouTube vids wont look great when played on a big screen TV.

    Sounds interesting in theory, but what will it be like in practice?

    It has a long way to go to replace Media Centre.

  2. Hope that’s not the actual UI as shown in that video! New competition for Media Center? Might make MS move faster on new developments.

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