iPhone Screenshot 1Samsung has just launched an app designed to work with your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad on all 2010 Samsung TVs. This application turns your Apple devices into a remote control. If you connect both devices to the same router, the app will automatically get to work. It can act as both an ordinary remote, and a gesture-based remote.

The iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad on-screen keyboard lets you enter URLs and search for programs, and the app can also function as a control for various internet games. To use this remote, just drag up/down/left or right on the main page. Channel/volume and arrow keys will appear when they are needed. In gesture-mode, you can change channel/volume by touching the screen and leaning the remote in one direction or the other.

You can download this application right now from the App Store. It works on all 2010 Samsung TVs.

via i4u

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