Derek has posted the latest edition of The Custom Integrator Show. Installment 027 tries to make sense out of HDMI 1.4 performance and takes a look at InfoFrames.

We finally are starting to understand the relationship of HDMI 1.4 to the requirements of 3-D as we discuss what the vendors actually are delivering in Installment 027.  Along the way, we also talk about some of the latest news like networking Ceton (or any CableCARD) tuners, how Microsoft is looking to their Azure services as a platform for delivering TV and content from the cloud to all three screens, and finally starting to see products that leverage HDMI’s CEC capabilities across multiple vendors’ product lines.


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HDMI 1.4 is not about additional headroom or speed when it comes to 3-D.  It is about understanding the multiple 3-D formats and being able to dynamically change the rendering formats as the source content changes.  Being able to understand the EDID and InfoFrame extensions is critical to the success of designing and implementing distributed HDMI-based 3-D infrastructures.  We discussed the mandatory formats required for 3-D in our last installment (

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