We have been really pleased with the response to the Made for Media Center app store, with thousands of registered users it shows there is a market for quality Windows Media Center applications and the benefit of having them in one location. At the time we launched we said we were working on a 10 foot UI so you could download Windows Media Center apps directly from the Media Center UI and I am very pleased to say we have a beta of the Media Center Addin ready for you to play with

First you will need an account at MadeforMediaCenter.com and then go to the download page and selection either the 32bit or 64bit version.

The first time you launch the application you will be asked for your MadeforMediaCenter.com account details, in the current version the PIN number feature is not enabled in future versions you will be asked for your PIN (set via the download page on the websites) when you download an app

From the app you can install any of the Media Center apps without leaving Windows Media Center, we are still working on a few minor issues but all the main features are there. If you have an issues, comments or feedback you can leave them in the Made for Media Center forum and don’t forget to follow @4mediacenter on twitter


m4mcB1 m4mcB2 m4mcB3 m4mc4

5 thoughts on “Introducing the Made for Media Center Windows Media Center Addin”
  1. This is great news. Congrats. This is what MSFT should have launched years ago. Good for you and the team for stepping up where the largest software vendor in the universe did not.

  2. I wrote a short review on my website (http://www.reviewhorizon.com) as well, I really like the ideea and I hope will push the WMC platform a little bit into the mainstream. I have a question though: Did you implement some kind of API for licensing/payment or do you plan to do it?

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