A few weeks back that was a bit of a stir about a new source for Internet TV. TV Gorge had content from all round the world and no international restrictions on viewing. It seemed to good to be true and unfortunately it was. They recently released thisannouncement:

TVGorge has recently been advised to remove all of our indexed content. We understand content owners have a need to protect their content and we can only hope they take the initiative to provide easy access to all of their great TV shows at an international level. If anything, hopefully we have shown them that people are desperately looking for a place to watch their favourite TV shows.

We will still continue to operate and index streaming TV sources, however we will be changing our indexing methods and the sites that we link to. We will no longer be linking to or embeddding sources such as Wisevid or Zshare, instead we will be providing easy access to your favourite shows on a wide variety of network websites.

Basically what this last line means is they will be linking to NetFlix and Hulu.


3 thoughts on “TVGorge drops content”
  1. … and that’s why I didn’t spend the time creating a TunerFreeMCE plugin for it. With no restrictions, it clearly couldn’t have had the agreement of the content owners and wasn’t going to last long.

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