TDL Mobile Edition

For a while I have been thinking thinking about whether we should have an iPhone app for TDL but I didn’t want to get into iPhone development or restrict myself to one platform so I decided to go with a special version of the site for mobile web browsers. So I am introducing TDL Mobile Edition for iPhone, Android, Windows Mobile and other mobile browsers.

The site features all the latest posts and the live tweet page plus has podcast streaming so you can stream the latest shows to your phone without having to download them. I have learnt that not all mobile browsers are equal so the site is a work in progress but I hope you will find it useful.

I have tested it on an iPhone, Android (G1,HTC Hero) and Zune HD (which works really well) and I know it works on Blackberry so have a play and if you have suggestions let me know.

Go to to view the site

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