Another TV app has been launched for Windows Media Center for UK users. The apps is called NeverMiss.TV and pulls content from the main UK free channels plus content from

In fact the app is really a standalone app that can be accessed via Media Center, it does a great job in collating web TV content into one place and it uses the embedded flash player from the content providers . I was able to install the app and get streaming content straightaway (after registering my email). Accessing for Media Center requires you to go in to the settings menu and click on the Install Media Center option(which said it failed but actually work fine), when you launch the app from Media Center it actually minimises Windows Media Center and loads the TV app full screen which works ok but isn’t as slick as apps like TunerFreeMCE but if your using a PC connected to a TV its a great way of catching up on shows without recording them

You can download from and for support go to

Demand Five - Gadget Show

Formula 1 - Grand Prix


via TGB, thanks to Mark Weston for the tip

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