Brian Binnerup has launched My Movies for the iPhone. The app allows you to catalogue your movie collection from the online My Movies database using barcodes or title searches or you can use it as a companion to My Movies on your PC.

When you logon to My Movies on the iPhone with your existing My Movies account it will sync details of your movie collection to the phone

There are two version of the app, an unlimited Pro version (paid) and a lite free version. The lite version limits you to a 100 titles but if you have more than 2,500 points in the your account (which can be earned by submitting metadata) there are no restrictions on the free app

UPDATED: Currently there is only the lite version which has no limits on the number of titles (until the pro version is released) and barcode scanning is part of the Pro version

Once you have signed in you can add movies by searching or by scanning the barcode and a nice touch is that you are asked about the status of the movie, e.g. for keeps or for sale making it easy to keep track of your movies. You don’t have to use the PC software at all, it can all be done via the iPhone. I have had a quick play and so far I am really impressed, so I think I will be switching back to My Movies on my main PC to see how well it works together

Search for “My Movies” in the iTunes app store and make sure you get one from Binnerup Consult as there are other apps in the store called My Movies and don’t forget My Movies is available in the Windows Media Center app store

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