iPad advert hits the TV Screens during the Oscars but still no UK pricing

The highly anticipated (in some quarters anyway) iPad has had it’s first official advertisement aired on US TV

during the Oscars last night. The advert is only about 30 seconds long but makes a big play on photo viewing, eBooks and movie watching, as we already knew it is launching on the 3rd April in the States but unfortunately we will have to wait until the end of April in the UK to get our hands on it.

On top of that we will have to wait until April for confirmation of pricing in the UK but Macworld seem to think these prices will be pretty close to spot on:-

iPad Wi-Fi: £417 (16GB); £500 (32GB); £584 (64GB)

Wi-Fi + 3G: £526 (16GB); £610 (32GB); £693 (64GB)

They are basing this on the current US exchange rate against the current rate of sterling which is now $1.50 for every £1, plus 17.5 per cent VAT (Value Added Tax – the UK term for sales tax – this is included with the price in the UK, but excluded from the price in the US) plus an extra 7 per cent. This is the amount Macworld judge Apple charges extra in the UK over the US.

Still no news either on which UK Telecoms carrier will be picking up the deal to supply the 3G connectivity for the version with data, O2 should be in the strongest position but I am sure Vodafone and Orange will also be keen to pick it up.

So what do you think on the prices and who’s getting one?

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