More details are coming out on how Google TV could work, first it looks like it not going to be a replacement for existing boxes from providers but rather a box that be inserted between the providers box and the TV via HDMI in and out.  Google would then add web capabilities to the content and of course they will be collecting usage data. While this looks a good way of expanding the capabilities of cable operators boxes (which often with very poor UIs) it does seem a risky strategy to induce Google in to the home, once a Google box was connected to the TV I could see the cable operator being cut out of the loop.

I don’t think Google really need the cable companies, one internet connected device could be all that is need in the future, things like Boxee and of course Windows Media Center are all we need

Read Will Richmond’s very interesting post on the subject at


One thought on “How Google TV will work?”
  1. The best way I can think of this product is a sort of Apple TV/ BT Vision like unit.

    It will likely come with ‘remote friendly’ internet access ( good luck with that one ), free content ( Ad sponsored , after all this is google we are talking about ) and with paid for content, that im sure google will announce shortly. (via an GoogleTunes like store which surely cant be far away)

    I have to admit the phase used on “trojan horse” would be my take on this. Any company dealing with them should pay attention to the Android phone makers who suddenly found themselves with a ‘Google’ branded device directly competting. In this case, Google branded and ad sponsored IPTV.

    If Google arnt directly entering into the replacement Box market, I’m confused as to who exactly will buy it though? if its not given away free with a cable/internet connections ?

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